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Burgess Insurance Services | A Story Video

Burgess Insurance Services | A Story Video

We enjoy the opportunity to meet people that love what they do and learn their story. Where they came from, what their passions are and how they use them to make an impact in the lives of others and make a living doing it. This is the story of success in the making.


Johnathan Burgess, with Burgess Insurance and Financial Services  has a level of energy and passion combined with a story that has led him into his purpose of preparing people for the unknown. He sells Auto, Home and Life Insurance on another level.


We met with Johnathan, learned his story and began the process of capturing the elements to tell his story. Check it out and you decide, will he be successful? We think so, he has all the elements…



We had planned on asking Johnathan for a Swift Video Testimonial, but he beat us to it, by posting this video on his personal Facebook Page.

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