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  • Stop And Smell The Roses | Our Mid Year Video Reel
    We ❤️stopping to smell the roses🌹. One way we do that is to create a highlight reel of some of the recent video projects. In the first six-months we have traveled all over the South and a Swift trip to Chicago earlier in the year. This video reel reveals some ...
  • Why video works… <br> Part 1 of 3 | Video is visually stimulating
    Video is visually stimulating   Vision is our most well ­developed sense, followed by auditory, then touch, smell, and taste. This is why using video to convey a message has the greatest impact versus other forms of media. Not only is it visually stimulating but usually there’s audio with it. ...
  • Why video works… <br> Part 2 of 3 | Video tugs at the heart
    Video tugs at the heart   Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself smiling, crying or even crying tears of joy when the character on the screen is?   I’ll never forget watching the end of Captain Phillips. Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) is finally in the safety of the ...